Nichole Ellington Du'pree

nichole webHeeeyy ya'll! Nichole Ellington Du'pree has been in the business for 19 years. She started in Nashville at the Warehouse 28. Under the direction of Vanessa Del Rio, Nichole was born. Rita Ross, Christian Paige, Diana Hutton, Stephanie Wells, Bianca Paige, Dana Alexander were all a very powerful influence in the shaping of her style, grace, and persona.

After winning Bianca's newcomer pageant, she moved to Atlanta where she eagerly watched the shows before being approached by Charlie Brown. Her life as a professional showgirl took off! Heather Daniels, Shawnna Brooks, Lena Lust, Lilly White, Lady Jonel, and Raven molded and scorned her when she messed up. It was rough but she felt the love so she took notice and through dedication and lots of blood, sweat and yes tears, Nichole Ellington Du'pree emerged!

She moved back to nashville and was hired at The Chute and competed in and won several pageants–Miss Music City, Miss Nashville, Miss Grand Diva, Miss Tennessee Continental, Miss Alabama Continental, just to name a few. Are her pageant days over...? For now, possibly. But who knows.....

Needing change and stepping out the shadows she left The Chute, went to Blu and became the show director for 2 years. She now resides at Play, having enjoyed the title of Play Mate for the last 7 years.

"Loving my audience and helping the new ones know that yes its fun, but its also a lot of work. Simply more than just a change of clothes and wigs!!!! Keeping it spicy is always my goal, so what's next for me??? Stay tuned as I continue to evolve!!!! Never give up when your heart says go!"

Love always,

Nichole Ellington Dupree