Karmen Kazzi

louisville-playmates-webheadshot karmen17 Coming to you ALLLL the way from... Oh, wait! She's already here. Now known to you as "The Femme Fatale", Karmen Kazzi has been performing since the ripe age of 5. Drag, musical theatre, karaoke or dressing up as her high school mascot, she seizes every opportunity she can to be on stage.

Growing up, Karmen always knew she was born to be an entertainer. Female impersonation, however, wasn't something that ever crossed her mind. In October 2008, Karmen doing drag was nonchalantly brought up in conversation and she was told, "You can't do that; you would never be any good at it." With everyone against her decision to perform, she took this as a challenge to show people that if you truly put your mind to something, you can be whatever you want to be. In this case, it was not something that happened over night. She wanted to look like a cover girl but instead looked like a linebacker in a miniskirt. With all of the negative feedback and criticism, it was obvious that this was going to be much harder than she had originally envisioned.

She began performing regularly at a local bar here in Louisville called Fuzion and later moved on to talent nights at The Connection. After a few years of hard work, dedication, and A LOT of trial and error, Karmen began to learn and master her craft as a professional female impersonator and realized that this was no longer just a challenge to prove others wrong, but a chance to make a career out of something she truly loved to do. She began traveling, competing in pageants and winning such titles as Louisville Entertainer of the Year (EOY), Ohio Valley EOY, Kentucky EOY, Miss Deception and last year becoming a Top 10 Finalist at National EOY. It was shortly after that, she accepted a cast position at The Connection Nightclub and just as she began settling in, another opportunity arose.

She is very excited to be a part of the Play family and thanks all those who have helped her realize her dreams! To all of her fans and friends, "Keep dreaming! You never know when your dreams can become reality and that reality will turn out to be bigger than any dream you've every had! I can't wait to see you every Saturday night at Play Louisville!"